Old newspapers can be reused and recycled towards a circular economy of paper

The Complete Guide to a Circular Economy of Paper

Infographic depicting a circular system that limits waste, regenerates natural systems, and keeps materials in use.
The benefits of circular economy practices are three-fold: reducing waste, keeping products and materials useful for longer, and regenerating natural systems.
Ellen MacArthur Foundation

1 — Design



An infographic showing the loss of paper fibers during its journey from production to recycling.
The flows of paper fibers from production to recycling. A considerable amount of fiber is lost throughout the cycles, causing more trees to be felled to produce enough new pulp. Industries collaborating to design additives that are easy to separate from paper can reduce this fiber loss.
World Economic Forum

2 — Production

Material Inflows

Material Outflows

3 — Use and Reuse

A decorative shelf made out of old cardboard paper
There are many ways to repurpose products made from paper. Fox Moving has a few ideas.

4 — End of Life





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